Great Printer

AMS and software still needs work

I had the power go out in the middle of a print..heat creep

and stuck filament in the nozzle..

Upon doing a cold pull the extruder has a tiny piece of filament stuck in the middle of it so I had to pull it apart also.

Sourceing a UPS big enough so this does not happen again...

I got a 900 watt UPS from Jcar but it screams every time I start a print..When the bed warms up.

Not really the printers fault when the power goes out.



change the filaments not while printing

enable update on insurtion of filament

unload and remove filament ..reinsert and assign colour and type

For all 3D printers.....

Do not power off until the hotend goes below 45Degrees C

else you may get "heat Creep"