NEW TANK or Coil


Always Allow the Juice to Soak into the Coil before hitting the Trigger

on a fresh refil or a new Tank.

Suck or vape a few times without hitting the trigger this will saturate the coil so you do not get Burnt coils (they taste horrible)


Finding YOUR Juice will not be a quick task.

IN the BEGINNING try everything whenever you get the chance.

Many places sell small groups of different Juices just for this purpose.


You May find a nice all Day Flavour and a different one at night also.

Fruits:- Apple, Bannana, Mango, Lemon ETC.

Dessert:- CHOCOLATE, Vanilla, Creme, Bannana Split ETC.

Beverage:- COFFEE is a very difficult flavour to get right.

Tobacco:- Many different flavours of tobacco.

My Favorite Recipe at the moment

50% Black Chocolate 6mg Nic

25% Tiramasu triple

25% Banana Le Creme

10 Drops Choc Cake

Where from..3 different places...

Dark Chocolate


Tiramisu E-Juice


AUS-Banana la creme-VG70-PG30-250ml-Triple

1x Chocolate Cake - 30mls Doubler / 30%PG/70%VG for $15.00 each


When Travelling to stop the Mods firing by themselves turn them off.

5 very quick trigger taps will turn it off or back on.

I use the 22ml Silicon Bands to put up a barrier near the trigger for quick hops in the pocket.

Invest in a packet of tissues..Rap one around the Air holes and blow hard into the chimney.. This will clear any gurgling or spitting if you over fill the Tank.

If you try an absolute horrible flavour wash your tank and coil out with hot water, then dry with tissues.

Be carefull of mint, 20 drops will mask any flavour. start with 3 drops per tank and work up from there with Menthol or mint.